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Wall Signs Set 1

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When we go to shows, we get a lot of questions about how we apply the faded graphics to our buildings. While there are a few ways to achieve the look of worn paint, realistic lettering doesn't lend itself to hand painting. This set of graphics will allow you to decorate your buildings in a very realistic way without the anxiety of hand painting. Our first set contains some fairly typical French signs. Subsequent sets will represent other countries. The signs in this set are water transfer images without the clear decal film that can look unrealistic on uneven wall surfaces. Each word can be individually placed where desired and then weathered to look as old as your building. The large image shows the full set and some examples of newly applied and "worn" images. The set comes with full instructions and though the images are designed for 1/32-1/35 scale models, they will work for a variety of scales just as easily.

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