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The Sunken Road

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This kit was created with a little bit different goal in mind. While most of our kits are designed to depict scenes that can be identified with a particular region or even a specific place, "The Sunken Road" should set the scene for almost any environment across the globe. You have total discretion in how you paint and detail this kit, as the standing column and wall are generic, yet instantly recognizable as vernacular to many locales. Use this kit to create a vignette in Western and Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, the American Southwest, North Africa and the Mediterranean. This kit is so versatile and unique that it has been copied by at least one other company.  A selection of water transfer signage is included as well as photos of finished examples. The base measures 5"x7" and will accommodate a wide range of vehicles or several figures. Though scaled to compliment 1/32-1/35 scale models, the design is such that some figures and vehicles in 1/48 and 1/24 scale may also work. This is a resin kit that needs painting and assembly. Full instructions and suggestions for using the graphics are included.
This is another one of our original designs that has been copied (even the name of the kit) by at least two other companies. 

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