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Northern Italian Church

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This resin model kit depicts a church we discovered near Lake Como, at the base of the Italian Alps. It cannot be seen from the main road and was a very nice surprise to come across. The architecture and detail could also work in a setting from other parts of Italy and the Mediterranean. This building would look appropriate in Southern France and Spain. The date "1763" inscribed above the door, allows for a broad range of times and places to build your scene around. The church wall measures 2" deep by 9" wide by 13" tall. The base is in two parts and combined, measure 13" square. The paved over road leads up past a low wall to a slightly higher level. This makes a more dynamic stage than a flat surface and is ample room for placing vehicles and figures. The church can be placed anywhere on the base allowing for some customizing when composing your diorama. The large wall invites you to be creative with paint and any scheme and weathering you choose will be appropriate. A set of steps, printed fresco, window glass, laser cut details and full color reference photos complete the kit. The kit allows for you to add your unique fresco if you choose and there is room to add a light source behind the window glass. This kit is scaled to accomodate your 54mm (1/32-1/35) scale figures and vehicles. The photos show the kit displayed with a 1/32 scale gun to give an idea of it's overall size. The kit requires assembly and painting and some modeling experience will be beneficial. It is a substantial display and weighs about 7 pounds.

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