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Lifeguard Tower 1

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This laser cut kit is the first in our series of Lifeguard Towers and Stands in various locales.  The scale is compatible with 1/32"-1/35" figures, structures and vehicles. This is a relatively simple structure design that is very versatile and is certainly not limited to use as a Lifeguard Station. The raised platform can act as a photo stand at a race course for instance. Any setting where someone would want to see above tall grass or swamp, or would want to look out over a large collection area as examples.  
The booth can be used as a stand alone ticket booth, information kiosk, guard shack.  The design, materials and construction of the subject is fairly universal, so the kit is not necessarily tied to a particular time or place.  
Everything needed to build this kit is provided, including metal wire lengths for the handrails, full color printed beach warning sign and water transfers for all the markings on the structure.  Also included are photo reference images taken in 1993, of a stand at Avila Beach in California. 
This kit needs no special tools, adhesives or paints, making it a fun project for people who haven't built a model since they were kids. If you have white glue (PVA) a sharp x-acto knife, some acrylic paint and a little bit of table top space, you can build and finish this kit. 
The assembly method allows for the panels to slide up and down and for the door to be opened.  
Also included are two types of wooden chairs for the Lifeguard. A tall chair for use inside the booth and a short chair for use on the platform or the sand.  
This is an interesting, delicate looking structure that is about the size of a beer can and will look good sitting on a drink coaster as a display base. 
Put your imagination to use and combine it in a scene with some of our other chair kits and umbrellas. 
This kit ships worldwide in a padded envelope.  

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