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Foam Block

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We were able to find a supply of 1.8lb urethane foam and although probably not for everybody, we decided to offer it for people who like to do their own sculpting. This material is ideal for carving and cutting finished pieces or for making master patterns for molding. The foam measures approximately: 17" x 9 7/8" x 1 5/8" ( 43.18cm x 35.4cm x 3.8cm). It is a very convenient size for most diorama applications. The ideal use for it is in the creation of terrain bases for figures and armored vehicles. Many of our customers have been asking for us to create bases that will accommodate larger vehicles. This foam will allow you to create the exact environment you want at a fraction of the cost and weight or a molded piece. The foam can be carved and cut without using expensive, specialized tools. Smooth sand dunes, muddy roads, shell pocked fields are some of the uses. Caution: this foam creates a lot of dust when it is carved. You need to make sure you have an area that you can make a mess in - not your kitchen table or next to your computer. A garage or separate workshop that can be swept and vacuumed is the best environment. The dust gets everywhere and you know if you have sensitivities, this product may not be sutiable to work with. The foam is very lightweight but comes in a large box. For under $20.00, you can create a large base for vehicles or cut it any way you like to make smaller bases or architectural items. We include a sheet of working tips and tool suggestions. We are not sure if we will have access to these size blocks in the future, so this is a limited availability item.