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Curved Road

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This kit represents a section of European roadway that is commonly seen today, as well as in countless historical photos of the second world war era. The characteristics are of a cobble road bed with a slight crown that has been paved over except towards the sides, where the cobbles remain exposed. This gives any vehicles set at the side on the cobbles a slight tilt and makes for a more unique vignette than just a flat area of cobblestones. The side of the road can be painted as a layer of decomposed granite or dirt. The low wall and steps up are a separate piece that can be used or substituted for a building facade as shown in the photos. The World War I memorial can be placed at the top of the steps as shown, or used in another context. The area to the left of the steps can accommodate a large tree or other object to add variety to the scene. Laser cut fencing, storm drain, two park benches and memorial plaque complete the kit. The base measures 8" x 10" (20.3cm x 25.4cm), large enough to fit a Panther tank, or more than one smaller vehicle. Assembly instructions and full color photo reference complete the kit.

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