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Cobble Road

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This is the first kit in our 1/24 scale line. The resin cast base includes a worn section of sidewalk, rough cut cobblestones and a separate laser cut storm drain. The design is European influenced but generic enough to depict a road almost anywhere, in any time in the last 100 years or so. The base measures 8" x 10" ( 20.3cm x 25.4cm) and will accommodate the new Tasca Panzer II kits, as well as most any car kits in 1/24 scale. The base can also be used to display smaller vehicles and motorcycles in 1/18 scale. Details include drain holes in the curbstone and cobblestones dipping in the center of the road to lead water to the storm drain. Full color images of real cobblestones are included as painting suggestions.

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