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1/35 Scale Notice Wall

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This scene depicts a village wall on which is mounted a case holding various notices that would be important to local inhabitants.  This is a timeless method of communicating important information to the community before the advent of telephones and individual mail addresses.  These boards are still in use throughout the world today.  As such, this base can be used to depict a scene in almost any locale, in any period of time from the last hundred years until the present. 
This is our first vignette base created without using rubber molds and cast resin. This completely laser etched and cut kit straddles the scales between 1/32 and 1/35 scales, so it can accommodate figures and vehicles of both scales.  It is the perfect size to display 4 or more figures and a small vehicle, or the same number of horseback mounted figures.  The base measures approximately 6" X 7" (15cm X 17cm) with the street section able to fit the "footprint" of a PZ IV chassis at the extreme.  
The paper and cardstock parts respond well to any paint medium, using washes and dry brushing to bring out the texture in the cobblestones and plaster and brick wall.  Assembly with common white glue (PVA) is recommended.  The notice board case can be finished with clear acetate glass or nylon mesh screen.  
Printed WWII era military occupation orders and posters in French, German and Dutch are included.  
Because the components are lightweight, the base can easily be cut and modified, with various parts used in more than one way.  No power tools needed or resin dust to worry about.
This kit ships worldwide in a sturdy envelope and although very lightweight, postage to Europe could be as high as $14.50.  Sorry, it is the state of the Postal system these days. Shipping from California to New York should be $4.20.  If you have concerns about shipping costs, please email and we can confirm costs for you based on your location. 

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